How to Choose the Right Reseller Hosting Platform?

How to Choose the Right Reseller Hosting Platform?

If you are planning to enter the hosting reseller business, then one of the most important decisions that you will make will be the choice of the Reseller Hosting plan. As a hosting reseller, you purchase resources from a web host, create customized packages, and sell them to your clients. Hence, you need to be comfortable with the server and the hosting environment. You can choose between the Windows and Linux platforms based on your comfort and hosting requirements. While both have their pros and cons, today, we will compare the two to help you make a choice.

While most people have used a Windows OS either on their home PCs or office, Linux is not so common. Hence, before making a choice, it is important to have hands-on experience with Linux. Find a computer that uses this OS and try your hands on it.

Choosing between Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting Platform

Since both platforms offer certain benefits and disadvantages, you need to think about the kind of hosting services you want to offer to your clients before deciding. Here is the comparison:

Would your clients need a hosting service that allows them to customize the hosting environment?
If the customizability of the server is a critical requirement for your clients, then a Linux hosting plan is a better choice. This is because Linux offers more options for customization as compared to Windows.


What kind of applications do your clients generally need for their websites?
A website requires many applications. Some applications might be available only in Windows while some others only in Linux. Hence, you must conduct thorough research of your target market to understand the kind of applications they use. Then, you need to look at the list of applications available under both the operating systems before making a choice. While Linux offers more applications, if your clients need a Windows platform for their applications, Linux will not work. Choose carefully.


Here is a quick comparison of some other features:

Feature Comparison
Stability of the platform There is nothing much to choose from. Both Windows and Linux are highly stable platforms. While Linux might have a slight edge over Windows due to regular development and testing, there is not much to separate the two.
.NET-based web applications Windows is the perfect choice for developing .NET-based web applications. It is easier and quicker as compared to Linux. Hence, if your clients use such applications or want to develop them, then you must opt for the Windows platform.
Pricing While pricing will depend on the host, resources, and additional features of the reseller plan, as an operating system, Linux is cheaper than Windows. This is because Linux, being an open-source platform, is free, while Windows has considerable licensing fees.


Summing Up

As we mentioned above, there are pros and cons to using either platform. Hence, the key lies in understanding what your target market needs. You must also consider your comfort around the operating system since you will be the web host for your clients and will need to carry out certain tasks. Ensure that you take all these aspects into consideration and choose a hosting provider that offers good support to resellers to establish a profitable hosting reseller business. Good Luck!