Unlimited Web Hosting India: It’s Just Myth?

Unlimited Web Hosting India: It’s Just Myth?

When we talk about the concept of unlimited hosting, we can understand that it is a web hosting plan with unlimited disk resources and data transfer. The Unlimited web hosting India is characterized by offering unlimited resources for users at a very low price (we are talking about a few dollars per month).

It means that any website in the world could buy an unlimited web hosting plan, pay $5 per month, and forget forever to worry about falling short of hard drive or transfer.

If this is the case, Facebook.com or Twitter.com could stay in one of these plans. The strange thing is that they do not, but they need a massive infrastructure of thousands of servers to be online. There are two types of unlimited web hosting on the market:

#1 Unlimited Web Hosting for a Single Website

This type of unlimited hosting offers an unlimited amount of disk space. The limit here is not on the disk or the data transfer you can use but on the number of websites. They give you unlimited resourcesbut for only one domain.

#2 Unlimited Multidomain Or Reseller Web Hosting

The hosting does not limit the website you can host, but limit the resources you can use. In this case, some web hosting India provides you with a control panel (which can be cPanel or similar) from where you can manage your sites, create, modify, unsubscribe, etc.

Therefore, you can manage everything from a multi-domain package. It includes manipulating disk space, transfer, mail, the MYSQL database server, and other properties of your plan.

Reseller web hosting is usually very lucrative because it allows you as a professional, marketing, or web development agency to assemble your clients’ sites and apps in one place.

The physical limits of the hardware and network

If you are thinking of moving from your current hosting provider to a new provider that offers you unlimited everything, you will first need to analyze a series of facts.Before entering into the debate about whether or not there is unlimited web hosting, let’s first review the logic behind how a web hosting service works.

Data storage

Hosting providers (including us) always locate websites in Dedicated Server Hosting, which host operating system information, websites, emails, and databases on SSD, SCSI, or SATA (physical devices) disks.

Today, SSD web hosting India is one of the industry standards. There are almost no serious providers that offer to host on slow drives such as SATA. The truth is that we also have limits because even using RAID systems with 8TB Intel DC P4510 SERIES discs (the maximum currently used in Datacenters), you could NEVER have unlimited space.


When we talk about unlimited data transfer on hosting plans, we are talking about something magical, because until today, network, nic or network port ports always exist at these speeds:

  • 10 Mbit / s
  • 100 Mbit / s
  • 1 Gbit / s
  • 10 Gbit / s
  • 160 Gbit / s

So unless Intel, Realtek, or other manufacturers have developed unlimited network speeds, I am afraid that the concept of unlimited does not apply. Even scientists and researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands achieved a record of 255 Tbps but still reached a limit.


What about other resources like RAM? If everything is unlimited, then RAM should also be. It is because these providers allow you to host all the information and have the guaranteed resources to serve them.

Together with the CPU, one of the most used resources is RAM.To take into account, the maximum RAM supported by RHEL  and CentOS is currently 12TB.

We should ask Kingston, Crucial or Corsair if they sell us a couple of those unlimited memories ?


As for data processing, we all know what the server CPU does. In HostingRaja we use only CPUs manufactured by Intel, and even the most modern at the time of writing this article (Intel Xeon Platinum 8173M @ 2.00Ghz  and Intel Core i9-7980XE @ 2.60GHz ) are also not unlimited.

Final Thoughts

Is there a way Web Hosting India provides REAL unlimited space and transfer?

Short answer: no.

In the world of hosting (and in life itself), everything has a limit, even the plans that give us unlimited transfer and space are subject to real limits. Unlimited hosting is based on a well-known technique within the industry that is called overselling.

The overselling makes the server very profitable. Having hundreds of clients hosted on it is possible to make an excellent profit at the price of the server.

However, not every web hosting companies that offers “unlimited” hosting is terrible. We at HostingRaja, for example, always limit the number of clients we host in a single server. As a result, your site loads fast even in a shared environment. If you want to test our hosting, today is the right time. We are running Black Friday sales on all plans. See you on the website!

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