Digital signage is used to grab customers’ attention in stores through engaging and interactive images, videos, and visual screen layouts. As a physical store retailer, you can utilize digital signage to showcase special product offers, announce sales, and share more information with your customers. It is even easier when you have custom integrations to control all your screens from a central database.

It wasn’t long ago when retailers were sticking posters on walls and in front of their shops to attract customers, but retail digital signage has provided an innovative and engaging way to grab customers’ attention. That said, let’s look at some benefits of utilizing retail digital signage.

Drive more traffic into your store

The number one reason to utilize retail digital signage is to drive more customers into your store and get a chance to convert passersby into prospective customers. Initially, you were only able to do that via window displays. But now digital screens have changed everything. In fact, eight in every ten customers will enter a store because a digital screen display caught their attention. It is easy to see why the retail sector is quickly adopting digital signage as more retailers aim to gain a competitive advantage.

Repurpose social media content

Social media use has skyrocketed, presenting an effective way to market your products and influence shoppers. However, it is not easy to get people to visit your store. Thankfully, retail digital signage makes it easy to repurpose your social media content and display it to your audience without other distractions. For instance, you can use the Twitter or Facebook search app, select your feed or a hashtag to generate a live stream of tweets or views, and mitigate online retailers who are also vying for your customers’ attention.

Enhance buying decisions

Every customer has that selection of items they are waiting to buy at an offer. No matter how small they seem, Offers can drive impulse buying and the ‘sure I will also have one’ moment at the sales point. Showcasing relevant information on your digital signage, especially close to the till, can drive more purchase decisions. More screens with product information placed strategically where you have items on offer could make the difference between one and two purchases. You can also integrate social media trends regarding your products into your digital signage to drive more sales.

Engage your customers

Retail digital signage is both informative and entertaining. According to research, millennials and generation Z prefer to shop in stores with a form of entertainment or something they can share with their friends. You can display anything on your digital signage, from social media trends to news and funny, engaging videos. While having fun with your customers, you can always jump in to showcase or advertise a product.

Boost digital presence

Many stores invest heavily in their online digital visibility but forget their in-store digital presence. Retail digital signage brings the digital revolution happening online into your physical store and using your digital signage store to showcase whatever is happening online significantly boosts your digital presence.


With such perks, there is no reason not to use digital signage in your retail store.