Creating a Place on Your Website for Your Customers

Creating a Place on Your Website for Your Customers

If you run an office that needs to keep in touch with their clients, you know how important it is to have them have access to some of your computer programs. If it is a medical office, certain documentation can be kept in a private location where they can see what treatments or medications have been prescribed for them. Legal offices know how important their client’s case records are and allow them to view the proceedings as they occur.

Give Your Clients the Access They Need

As a part of your offices general software programs, there are additional items that can be included. Not only do you want them to know what your hours and location is, but also what services you can provide to them. If they are regular clients that come to your office at certain times, you can give them a link on your website as a part of a client portal software program. With this, they can register a username and password where they can log into their account with your office. The information you provide on these pages for them can be important if they need to use it for other reasons. As in the case of a medical office, they can download and print out any of their medical records to take to another office for further treatment. These access portals also allow you to post additional information that they may require. You can include any payment arrangements or balances too. They will be able to make payments directly from these areas without needing to mail in a check.

Keep Your Clients Up to Date

With a portal, your clients or patients are able to email your office with questions or concerns they may have. They can set up appointments to come into your office easily and understand how their case is being handled by you. These programs are easily installed by the manufacturer of the software and they are updated regularly. All of the information that is included in the portal is kept secure and private. No one other than your staff and the client will have access to any of this information. The software company can train your staff in how to use the portal and will update it on a regular basis. Many offices are finding that their clients appreciate the ease of use of these software programs and feel that they are more a part of either their treatment or their case than ever before. They are able to look at what is happening and see how it will progress.

All of your client’s information is important to you but it is more important to the client himself. You want to be able to provide them with a feeling of security in your office and have them know that you are concerned about them and will make every effort to help. You can check the internet for names of companies who provide this software and have them come and install it in your office.