Five ways to get your employees on board with new technology

New technology can be great; however, it sometimes takes a little while for staff to become fully enthusiastic. This can have a knock-on effect, so it is important to ensure everyone is happily using it as soon as possible.

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Incentives and training
Try linking the proficiency of the technology with more opportunities, pay rises and promotions; in other words, give your employees good reasons to be enthusiastic about using it. An article in the Guardian identifies other ways to motivate employees.
Be sensitive
Be sensitive to how people learn. Some staff may require more training than others, so give them the support they need. Hosting training sessions over lunch or even coffee and snacks is a good way to help staff feel relaxed and more open to learning.

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Mentors and engagement
Once the technology has been introduced, make sure there are people around to be mentors and deal with any issues that arise. Make it easy for employees to see how the technology eases workloads, adds values, and generally makes a positive contribution to the work environment.
Involve employees
Involve employees in how the technology is rolled out and used so that they feel some measure of empowerment in its deployment. Carefully explaining the issue the technology is designed to help with will assist with this.
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Remove the fear factor
Technology is nothing to be afraid of, which is something your staff need to understand. Some people take longer than others to become at ease with it; however, if you are patient, they should come around in the end. Feeling relaxed is often the key to learning something new. Anxiety can interfere more with learning something different than the complexities of the technology itself. Help your staff to feel confident and watch them learn.